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Enema – cos shit matters ;)

First I am going to apologize for the large amounts of puns I’m going to make in this post. Yes, because I’m immature and shit is still funny. But in all its seriousness, this is not a guide per se. Just tips and experience that again would have helped me if someone could just tell me these stuff before. Cos if you’ve never done an enema, the thought of it can be intimidating. And the purpose of this post is my attempt to make it less intimidating by just telling you the ins and outs of enema. *giggle*

Enema was part of my anal training with my Dom. I know what it is prior to that, but since no one has ever made me do it, I’ve never done it. Now I believe that enema is part of the fact why I didn’t like anal sex before at all. Because shit, literally, was always in the back of my mind. I couldn’t just be and relax and enjoy it. So the enema I’m talking about here is purely for the cleaning purposes before a session. It’s something I do now before every session, even if I’m not sure whether anal sex is on the table. It’s part of my getting ready routine. Anyway, let’s start from the beginning.

Enema kit

The funny fact is, enema kits are either sold in pharmacies (at least in Finland) or at sex shops, under the BDSM department. Which is pretty interesting. While researching enema online, I got lost on a forum page where clearly BDSM people and vanilla people were discussing about it. Many vanilla people think it’s troublesome to prepare like two hours before anal sex. Boys of vanilla, that is why you guys are not getting anal as often as you would like, if you think preparing is a turn off. So I bought my kit online from the leading BDSM shop in my country. My kit looks pretty much exactly like the one of the left, with a two liter (roughly half a gallon) capacity. I recommend a clear bag or container, it’s easier to see the water go. Mine has a tiny tap near the part which goes in the anal, it’s really really inconvenient, cos nobody’s fingers are designed to try to turn it on and off effectively when you’re all lubed up. So I strongly recommend you getting a kit that comes with a clip, like the one seen on the right. I needed to purchase the clip afterwards, which cost more than my original kit. But I couldn’t survive without it! You can clip it on and off with only one hand, and you can also adjust the flow. Also For those who prefer a steady temperature, there are kits like the ones on the right. So in short, clear bag or container, 2 liter capacity minimum, and get one with the clip!

So let’s move on to the procedure itself. The best guidelines I could find online is from Wikihow. Go read it if you have no idea how to do an enema. Also watch that video in the end of the wikipage. Then come back here so I could tell you some answers and tips. 🙂

Does it hurt? The first question.

Not at all. Is it uncomfortable? That’s quite personal I think, I didn’t find it the least bit unpleasant. It was actually pretty pleasant.

What liquid I use?

I never tried anything else but warm water from the tap. Of course, tap water from my city is pretty clean. But if you live somewhere where tap water is not suitable for drinking, then use distilled or boiled water. On WikiHow they say to use body temperature. Try the temperature on the inner part your wrist. I myself prefer water to be on the warmer side. Just because it feels pretty damn good coming out.

How about the amounts or how many times?

For cleaning purpose I’ve settled on a routine of 3-4 times. It takes roughly one hour to do it. First time I take in the whole two liter, second time 1-1,5 liter, third time just half a liter, and just a tiny bit for a fourth time if needed. I pretty took in the 2 liter already at the first time I tried. It might sound a lot, but especially if you just recently went to do the number 2, two liters is really easy.

How to put in the tube and how about the position?

There are different instructions in different places, but the best position to take in the liquid is on my back on the floor, with my legs in a 90 degrees angle, my feet braced on the wall. But the sticking in the tube, with the help of coconut oil, the tube goes in much easier for me when I’m lying on my side. So I stick it in on my side, then flip to my back, cos the liquid goes in much faster when I’m on my back. I hold the tube in with one hand the whole time, because then I can relax my muscles without the well lubed up tube slipping out. Then I listen to some music and relax. It’s one of the most relaxing thing to do actually.

How to time when to do the enema before a session?

Obviously, right after the enema is not recommended to play. But for me, as fast as 30 minutes after, I’m good to go. One hour is more preferable. And if you don’t have time to do it right before the session, I actually stay clean for 8-9 hours. Try it out, then you would know how your body works.

There you go, I hope this helped a little to make enema sounds less scary. At least for cleaning purpose. I know about the punishment type, but that’s another story for another time.


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