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Fangirl Moment – Emma Stone

Let’s kick off a new ongoing series so introduce you readers to my ‘nerdy’ side. I do have a fangirl blog, please check it out, cos it’s kinda lonely there cos I’ve been concentrating so much over here. But as promised in yesterday’s post, no pervy stuff for a week, cos I am not allowed to play with myself for another week. Seven days to go…

Photo courtesy of The Beauty Gossiper

So anyways, everyone can like movies, books, TV shows, video games, that doesn’t necessarily makes one a nerd. A nerd is someone who adores things in epic proportions, we get into minute details of things we love. I never wish to get too old to fangirl over popular culture. So to celebrate that, let me begin series “Fangirl Moment” by introducing you readers to my Goddess – Emma Stone. Okay. I have hundreds of favorite actors, I usually don’t put them in any kind of order, except my absolute favorite actor, comedian, human-being of all time is Emma Stone.

I remember I first saw her in Zombieland back in 2009. She was this coolest zombie ass kicking chick. She was brunette in the movie. But later on I googled her and I found this red-haired green-eyed freckled-cheeks stunningly beautiful girl. If I ever could build my own dream girl, she would look exactly like Emma Stone. I know I know, she’s not a natural red-head, but guess what, the only thing bigger than my thing for red-heads is my thing for blondes. And YES, Emma is a natural blonde! But! However shallow I can sometimes be, just a pretty face wouldn’t have gotten her the Goddess status. She got there because she is funny as hell and so so genuinely real. It was 2010 and I watched Easy A, which is the best movie from her. It was not Oscar stuff, but it was one of the funniest comedy ever, and it showcased Emma’s wit, humor and quirkiness quite spectacularly. Here’s a great list to introduce her works:

She is so funny and cute in every interview you could find of her. Like this. Or doing dance dares. Or just being absolutely utterly awesome:


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