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My Favorite Meal of the Week – Sunday Breakfast

sorrykittyFinally! First entry to the Foodie’s Counter. Warmest welcome. This week was like an emotional roller-coaster, and I end up getting quite thorough punishments from my Dom. One of them is an on-going one: I don’t need to even bother to ask for permission to come until the 14th Sep. And that order was given on the 2nd. Eight days to go…

So, the following week, starting today, I thought it would be a very wise idea not to write anything too kinky. No need to add to the suffering to turn myself on by writing pervy things, right? I see this as an excellent opportunity to in a way explore the potential of this little blog. Without further ado, let’s eat!

I love cooking. More than cooking, I love love eating. I mean, I tell people I work out because I want to be healthy. Who am I kidding, I work out because I want to eat whatever and whenever I want. I love breakfast food, I sometimes make breakfast food for dinner too. But I absolutely suck at eating breakfast on work days, not enough time and all that jazz. So when it comes to breakfast on Sunday, I hardly ever compromise. Sunday breakfast is my favorite meal of the week. Here’s what I had this ‘morning’.

Let’s go full foodporn mode here, starting from the left going clockwise.

Natural yogurt with honey roasted granola, dried cranberries and sunflower seeds.
This is what I usually eat on work days, it’s rich in protein, it’s delicious and easy.

Orange cubes
I’m very lazy with fruits and veggies that need peeling or de-seeding or anything to mess my hands up. Like oranges. So I like to peel and chop them up and store them in a box in my fridge. When you have actually healthy choices ready waiting in your fridge, you would less likely get the cookie for a snack instead. Of course, it helps to not to buy cookies to the cupboard, but hey, we’re all just human here. I feel safer with cookies in my cupboard… and moving on.

Cherry tomatoes, pan-fried and tossed in dried thyme and butter
For some reason, I hardly ever buy regular tomatoes. Cherry tomatoes are much cuter, and more fun to chop up.

Grilled cheese rye bread sticks
I love fresh baguette and rye bread. Except that I get bored with them in a day or two. I mean the fresh baguette won’t be fresh anymore the next day right. And since I’m a poor girl, I try not to waste food. But since I’m a foodie too, I am so not going to eat hard bread either. So with less fresh bread I like to toss them in a hot pan with some olive oil, dried garlic and dried herbs like thyme, basil, oregano, or anything you like. The frying will make your old bread all crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside again. This morning I just improvised with the cheddar cheese. Cos grilled cheese sandwich is a beautiful thing.

Beetroot juice (with apple, cranberry and black currant)
Before you go eww and go hatin’ on the veggie juice, beetroot is my favorite veggie. Yes, just because it looks pretty. I mean, that color! Stunning! I eat with my eyes as much as my nose and mouth, so color does matter. I buy my beetroot juice from the supermarket, and when you mix berries with beetroot, it tastes like any other berry juice. Except it looks much prettier.

Coffee with cream and sugar
One or two cups of coffee is enough for me. It’s the quality, not quantity, right boys? 😉 So to compensate that, I always cream and sugar my coffee. Cos you have to admit, anything taste better with cream and sugar in it.

Smoked salmon
My doctor actually chided me for not eating enough fish. Twice a week? Ain’t nobody got time for that. I do love fish and seafood though, so the easy way out is smoked salmon. Which I adore. It goes beautifully with eggs in any form.

Scrambled eggs with chives
What would I do without eggs. I love them in any forms: poached on my noodles, omelette packing everything you can find from the fridge, a raw yolk on pasta carbonara, the yolk and the white separated and fried to crunchy perfection or just plain hard-boiled egg. One of my favorite version is scrambled eggs. I don’t get fancy by adding cream or anything at all. Just eggs. Fine, butter is the secret. Butter on a very hot pan, and toss in some chives. Pour the egg and start pushing it around. The perfect buttery scrambled eggs done in 30 seconds or less. I don’t even any seasoning, the butter is all that egg needs.

So there you go. Breakfast for champs!


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