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Inappropriate Fantasies – A Day in the Future

Since I’m still in the mood for romance and all things sugary, here’s the love letter to my future Owner that I promised to write. It is also my… expectation is too large of word, well my opinion of what a 24/7 D/s relationship might be like. And I also hope that someday I will be a collared submissive. I’m selfish, I want the whole package. For the longest time, I thought that I am probably asking too much. But recently, I’ve started to realize that I deserve to have it all. I hope this will someday be my reality. But for now, it’s a sweet fantasy, a comforting daydream; “A Day in the Future”.

Thank God it’s Friday. For the 100th time, I check my watch for the time. Still 1.5 hour to go before I get off work. Might as well join the others for the coffee hour. I got up to go to the coffee room and I almost bump into my colleague on my way out. She smiled like a Cheshire cat and with a sing-song voice said: “A delivery for little miss E.” She presented a tiny package on her palm like the glass shoe for Cinderella. I couldn’t help blushing and snapped the package out of her hands. She giggled and on her way out of my office she said over her shoulder: “You and your boyfriend are so disgustingly sweet that I get fat just from being around you.”

As soon as she’s out of the door, I opened the little package and laughed out loud. It’s a small cup of my favorite Ben and Jerry ice-cream Fairly Nuts. I lift the cup out of the box, open it immediately and scoop a generous spoonful of sugary goodness into my mouth. While sucking on the wooden stick spoon I notice the small card at the bottom of the box. I took it out and read the message inside, hand-written by Him:

Happy Anniversary, my little slut!
I’ll be picking you up at six o’clock sharp.
Wear that red dress I like. No panties.

My smile couldn’t be wider. I picked up my phone and sent a quick message to Him. “Yes, Sir”. He replies almost immediately. “Good girl.” I finished the rest of the ice-cream and couldn’t stop smiling for the rest of the afternoon.

Five fifty-nine I was standing outside my apartment building, with flawless make-up and hair wearing the red little number He likes, and no panties. Six o’clock sharp He pulls up with His car and I jump in. His eyes sparkled when He looks me up and and down. He himself doesn’t look half bad, I never get tired of seeing Him in suit and tie. He looks downright delectable. He leans over and put a soft kiss on the corner of my lips, careful not to ruin my lipstick.

During the car ride to somewhere, we fall into a comfortable and familiar conversation. He asks me about my week, I ask Him about his week. I don’t need to ask Him where we are going, He knows I like surprises. He turned up the volume on the radio when one of my favorite song comes on and with a small amused smile listens to me sing along loudly. When we arrive to a familiar street, I am ecstatic that He chose one of my favorite steak house for our anniversary. He parked a further away from the restaurant at a spot that’s behind some trees, out of sight. I take my seat belt off and was about to open the car door when I hear Him say: “Stay.” He then exits the car, walks around it to my door and open it for me. He waits for me to get out, closes the door behind me and leans in. I am trapped between Him and the car. He moves in even closer, our chests now touching. Whenever He is so close that I can feel His warm breath, my eyes would automatically drop down submissively. He touches my chin and lifts it up, a sign that He wants me to look Him in the eyes. He then traces His finger from my chin down my neck, down the center of my breasts and further down my waist, my hip, my thighs. I can feel my body reacting under His eyes and touch, my nipples getting hard and I’m getting wet. His finger leaves my skin and His hand goes into His suit pocket. He takes something out but I can’t see what it is. His hand then travels under my red dress, and suddenly I can feel his fingers between my thighs. He smiles widely when He feels how wet I am. Then I feel something smooth and round on my entrance. At the same second He pushes the round object inside my vagina, I realize what it is. An egg vibrator. More accurately a wireless remote controllable egg vibrator. He leans closer and whispers into my ear an order: “Don’t you dare to come before I say so.” Sadistic devil, how I adore Him. He pushes off the car, and offers me His hand palm down. I take His hand, palm up and He leads me towards the restaurant.

He got us a nice little corner booth and the waiter immediately brings two menus. I close mine, putting it on the table. He almost always orders for me in restaurants, and I enjoy the fact how well He knows me and my taste. I prefer rib-eye steak over any other, medium rare, red-wine sauce, sweet potato fries and no dressing in the salad. And that I love Spanish tempranillo red wine. This is turning into a perfect evening.

When I try to take my first sip of the wine, I almost drop the glass when I suddenly feel the egg in me starts to vibrate. I almost forgot the whole thing. I narrow my eyes a little at Him, He can hardly contain His laughs. And a dozen of times during the meal, He adjusts the vibrator, harder and softer, different rhythms, and always when the waiter comes to our table and watches me trying to keep my composure. The one hour meal feels like a week, and when He asks me whether I want dessert or not, I shake my head no so wildly, a strand of hair came lose from my hairdo. He chuckles at my reaction and mercifully turns off the egg. I exhale slowly to calm myself, I can feel my vagina throbbing like crazy. He takes my hand, turns it palm up and places a large black velvet box on my hand. I gasp when I open the box and see what rests inside it. A delicate necklace with a tiny bell hanging from it. It is a day time collar, and it was absolutely beautiful. He takes the collar from the box and motions me to turn around on my seat. I turn and lift my hair out of the way. I feel a little chill when the cold collar come to rest on my neck.

He turns me back around to look at me in my new collar. “Do you like it?” He asks with His hands still on my shoulders. “Yes, Sir. Thank you.” I whispered quietly so that only He can hear. We are so ready to leave for His place. My knees almost buckle when He turns the egg back up when I stand to leave. Needless to say the car ride is pure torture. He keeps turning the vibrator higher and higher, I can barely make it to His place.

As soon as we are inside and the shoes are off, He snaps His fingers and points to the floor. I gratefully drop to my knees, I am not at all sure how long my legs are going to hold me with that egg still buzzing away inside of me. He leans down, grabs the back of my neck and pulls me in for a kiss that is the polar opposite to the one he gave me in the car when he came to pick me up. This kiss is pure lust and there is nothing gentle or soft about it. It is taking my breathe away when He abruptly pulls away. He watches me gasping for air with a smile, then straightens up and starts walking towards the playroom. I watch His back, then see Him patting His thigh lightly on the side, indicating me to follow Him. On my knees. I go on all fours and start crawling after Him. My new collar makes a soft tingling sound with my every move. I start to fall in love with the little bell. Once in the playroom, I go to my spot in the middle of the room, and wait for my next order, sitting on my knees with my eyes cast downwards. I then feel the tip of a riding crop under my chin and hear Him says: “Up.” He puts the middle part of the crop on my lips, I open my mouth for Him to put the crop in, and I bite down gently but firmly holding the crop in my mouth. I feel Him standing behind me, then He places my play time collar on my neck, above my new collar. He then proceeds to bind my wrists together in front of me with black rope. He then lifts the rope up and ties my wrists to the ceiling. My favorite position to get spanked. He proceeds to take off my dress and my bra, and I am completely naked save from a pair of black stay-ups. He kicks my legs wider apart, adjusting the rope at the same time. He leans in close to my ear and whispers: “Keep the egg inside.” He grabs hold of the crop I am still holding in my mouth and orders: “Off.” I relax my mouth and let go of the crop. From there on I am treated to a ruthless spanking. One hit for every week we’ve been together. My whole backside including my back, my butt and the back of my legs are burning after He is finished and I was sagging on the rope. He starts placing kisses all over my back, kisses that feel like fire. I feel His hand between my inner thighs, right under my entrance. “Give me the egg.” I hear Him orders. I put all of my concentration on relaxing my muscles and pushing the egg out of my vagina, dropping it onto His waiting hand. I got a kiss on my neck and a ‘good girl’ for my efforts. My legs are shaking, from the spanking, from the super long stimulation of the egg. He comes to stand in front of me, lifts my legs and wraps them around His waist. He has taken all His clothes off and His penis is hard and ready, the tip of His penis against the entrance of my vagina. He looks me in the eyes and asks: “One to five, pick a number.” Without a pause I answered “Five, Sir.” I always pick the biggest number. He smiles widely: “My greedy little slut. Five orgasms it is. Come whenever, but you better keep track of those orgasms.” With those words, He thrusts hard into me, and I almost come right away with the sensation overload. It doesn’t take me long to explode the first time. I come the second time when He pushes a finger in my other hole.

He lets my legs down after that and comes to fuck my tighter hole from behind. Out of nowhere the egg is back in His hand and He presses it firmly on my clitoris while slowly fucking my asshole. That is when I come the third time. He drops the egg and asks me:

“How many was that?”

“Three, Sir.”

“Good girl. Two to go.”

Before I can say ‘yes, Sir’, His hand goes around my throat and presses above my collars, cutting my air. He continues to choke me while fucking my asshole at the same time. I feel all of me going numb from the lack of oxygen. When my vision starts to blur and I am about to pass out, He suddenly lets go of my neck, I gasp loudly for air, sensation abruptly returning to my everywhere, and I orgasm forcefully the fourth time. He then pulls out from my asshole, and comes once more to stand in front of me. He releases my wrists from the ceiling, unties the rope and kisses my rope burns. He then leads me to the bed in the playroom, places me in the center of it on my well-spanked back, and climbs on top of me.

“And how many was that?”

“Four, Sir.”

“Come one more time for me.”

“Yes, Sir.”

He puts his arms under my knees and presses them towards my chest, entering my vagina at the same time. In this position He can go so deep, and I can almost feel every vein on His penis. He grabs hold of my shoulders to better keep me in place when He starts to fuck me harder. I can feel my fifth orgasm approaching when He continues to push deep inside of me. Then I feel His penis grow larger, and He further increases His speed. I love feeling Him come inside of me, it almost always make me come too. This time is no exception. As He releases His load in me, my fifth orgasm washes over me.

We lie there for a long time, but finally gather enough strength to go to shower. Before leaving the playroom, He takes my play time collar and put it back in its place on the counter beside the play room bed. I love taking showers with Him, I love washing every part of Him. During the shower, He lightly put pressure with His hand on my shoulder, and I drop on my knees in front of Him and He offers me a much warmer shower from His penis. I love Him marking me with more than His sperm.

When we are finally lying naked under the blanket on His bed, He pulls me close to Him, my face in the crook of His arm. I inhale deeply His scent from His chest and sigh contently. I feel Him kissing my forehead, whispering:

“Who do you belong to, my little slut?”

“To You, Sir. I belong to you only.”

Then He growls more than whispers the word: “Mine.”

I smile to His chest and whispered: “I love You too, Sir.”

I felt His lips curling into a smile and squeezes me to Him hard for a second and gives me another kiss on my forehead. Then He relaxes, but still holding me in His arms. I start to relax too and fall asleep with a smile on my face and my new collar around my neck. It truly is a perfect day.

Disgustingly sugary, I know! 😀 Sorry about that. Let this subbie dream a little.


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