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Inappropriate Fantasies – In the Dark

My Dom gave me and His other sub a writing assignment. We were to write a scene for the threesome session that is going to be on Thursday. And because He knows I love writing nearly as much as (or maybe even more than) talking, the literal writing job is on me. Almost immediately after He gave me the assignment, I got an idea. And that little idea turned into a nice little story I wrote this morning. It’s going to be super fun, and I might post it here later. But since the ending of the story depends highly on our Dom’s mood on Thursday, I would finish writing that piece later. But as we (my Dom’s other sub and I) were throwing ideas around yesterday, me getting to pry about her fantasies and fetishes, turns out one of her fantasies is rape play too. Just like me. And an absolutely brilliant idea hit me right away. Let this be a bonus story for You Sir, and for us girls, and for future reference if our Dom decides to make our dreams come true one of these days. I’m absolutely terrible at being subtle with my hints, right Sir? ūüėČ

Okay, a little warning for those sensitive asses out there. I really have no idea what you are doing at a kinky blog if you are sensitive though. Anyways, this is going be dark and sinful, and for us into the consensual nonconsent, I hope this turns out to be arousing and a bit beautiful too. Here we go.

I startled awake. Immediately I started to hyperventilate. All I could see was complete darkness. I was lying on my side on something hard. The floor? I tried to get up. And it was then I felt that my wrists were bound behind my back. I also realized that my eyes were blind-folded with a cloth of some sort. A tiny wave of relief that I wasn’t blind washed over me, but followed immediately by pure fear. I was bound and blind-folded on the floor? Where? By whom? All I could remember was walking home last night, I heard someone behind me and then darkness. Was I abducted? Panic began slowly take over me. I started shaking uncontrollably.

Then I heard a noise. Someone moaning quietly. A girl’s voice. Am I not alone? Before I could open my mouth and ask her who she was and where we are, I heard a door open. Then some quite footsteps coming closer to me. Then I felt a hand on my throat. I started to scream, but before I could get any voice out, that hand on my throat squeezed really hard and that shut me up. I couldn’t get out more than some small sounds. Then I heard his voice, right next to my ear, whispering “Ssshhhhhhhh, quiet now. I will get to you soon enough.” The hand choking me let go. As I was gasping for air, I heard some tearing sound. Then I felt something cool and sticky being pushed on my mouth. The strong smell of duct-tape invaded my nose. He duct-taped my mouth? I tried to scream again, but all that came out was pathetic mumbling. Then I heard some more tearing sound. Is he duct-taping that other girl’s mouth too?

Silence. A long pause with nothing else but my own loud and labored breathing through my nose. Then almost simultaneously I heard two sounds. The other girl’s muffled screams and clothes being ripped apart. Every ripping sound sent a chill down my spine. That girl and the man were close, I could feel their body heat, maybe not even one meter away from me. If I rolled onto my other side I might just touched them. But I was frozen in place, paralyzed by fear.¬†I felt it more than I heard some struggling going on. Then I heard a sound that made me whimper. A crack of a slap, as loud as thunder, and all her muffled screams and struggling immediately ceased. After that there were only more ripping sounds echoing through the room.

Another period of silence followed. Then I heard him spitting, and she started whimpering. In the background I started hearing some strange sounds, a tiny smacking sounds, like skin hitting skin. He chuckled, saying in a low and dangerously calm voice. “All that struggling and your pussy is soaking wet. My fingers are getting all wet.” I realized those smacking sounds were him fingerfucking her pussy. I wanted to move away, but I couldn’t. All I could do was lie still and listen.

Then the smacking sounds stopped. Some tinkling sound, I realized in horror, it was the sound of a belt being unbuckled. After a moment I heard a low grunt from him, and her muffled screams again. Louder smacking sounds began. He was fucking her hard, and the pace was merciless. Her screams transformed more into muffled moans. I was terrified out of my mind, but at the same time I was getting aroused from the sounds of brutal fucking. Wetness began to gather between my legs.

I have no idea how long the fucking went on, but then his pace impossibly quickened and sounds of ecstasy escaped his mouth. He was coming into her, a few more loud smacking sounds followed by his labored breathing. I heard her whimpering and some movement, he must be pulling out of her. The sound of footsteps moving again away from me. Then a door opening and closing. I exhaled, didn’t realize until now that I was holding my breathe from the moment he came.

I felt really bad for feeling aroused. A girl was just raped right next to¬†me. I would be next. I should be scared. And I was scared. But I was also aroused at the same time. The sound of the door opening again. He was back. The shivering began all over again. I felt him standing right next to me. Then I felt his hand grabbing my shoulder and he roughly turned me on my stomach. He grabbed my hips with both hands and lifted me onto my knees. I felt his hot breathe on my neck near my ear and he whispered: “You really don’t want to know what would happen if you drop your ass from this position.” I believed his threat. I tried not to move. I felt a cool breeze when he lifted my short skirt, exposing my ass. I heard another ripping sound. This time I also felt my underwear being ripped apart from my legs. I felt his hand roughly pushed my legs open wider.

Before I had time to feel humiliated being all exposed, he jammed his fingers inside my pussy. They were met with little resistance. He chuckled and said: “Seems like I found myself two little sluts this time. You got all wet from listening me fuck the other slut? You want me fuck you too?” All the while his fingers were moving in and out of me. Involuntarily I started moaning. My own body started to betray me, I felt myself pushing my ass back against his hand. “As you wish.” I heard him say. And suddenly his fingers left my pussy and I couldn’t help groaning from frustration. Then I felt some cold liquid on my ass. Before I realized it must be lube, I felt him push one finger in my asshole. I froze up. I certainly did not wish for anal sex. I tensed up but he kept pushing his finger in and out until I couldn’t keep up the tension any longer. At the second I was forced to relax he pushed a second finger in. It hurt. I started to try move away from his hand. His other hand came down on the small of my back, keeping me firmly in place as his fingers kept opening me up. I whimpered through the duct-tape.

Finally his fingers left me. But it could only mean one thing. He was finished opening me up. I heard the sound of a belt being unbuckled again. I felt his hand on my hip, grabbing me hard. Then I felt it. The tip of his cock, poised at the entrance of my asshole. Then he grabbed my other hip hard with his other hand, and with one brutal thrust, he embedded himself fully inside of me. We both groaned, him from pleasure, me from pain. The pain increased as he started thrusting with the same merciless pace as he had fucked that other girl. I was screaming through my gag, it hurt so bad. But at the same time it was strangely erotic. I felt myself slowly losing my mind, and I began to surrender. That was when the pain started to subside and a wave of potent pleasure washed through me over and over again. I started to moan along with his thrusts, the smacking noise of skin hitting skin grew louder. With every brutal thrust, I could feel it all the way at my temple.

He started squeezing my hips harder, so hard that I could feel bruises forming just beneath¬†my skin. He quickened the pace of his thrusts and started to pull me back hard against him as he pushed forward with his thrusts. Then I felt his cock growing bigger inside my asshole. A red hot fire was shot inside of me, burning me to my core. The thrusting ceased, I felt him pulled out of me. When his hands left my hips, I fell onto my side. There was no way my legs were holding me up without his hands. I felt his hot sperm slowly pouring out of me. Before passing out exhausted I heard him say: “I’ll be back soon, my little sluts.”


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