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Inappropriate Fantasies – Mr Hunter, Part 1

Like anything I write about here is appropriate in any standard. But my Dom is also my very devilish and naughty muse, so here I present a new series: Inappropriate Fantasies. I have plenty of naughty stories I wrote back in the days I would love to share and plenty of new fantasies in my head. Most of these would sound extremely …erm…rapey? I am very into the predator/prey and the consensual nonconsent. Plus these are my dirty fantasies, so either stay and read and be corrupted, or back away slowly and close the door behind you. Those of you who decided to stay, wise choice by the way, let’s begin with a light one: Mr. Hunter, Part 1.


Mr Hunter, part 1 – A Mess

All began four months ago. I was graduated from college half a year ago, and desperately searching for a job so that I didn’t need to move back home to live with my dad. Therefore I was ecstatic when I finally landed a job as department assistant at the creative department in a large advertising agency. Sounds pretty cool huh? Except that there was nothing creative in my job. Being a department assistant equaled me doing all the crap which the creative people didn’t have the time or energy or simply didn’t give a shit to do.

At first I didn’t complain. It was easy work, it paid my rent and the food in my fridge. But easy work also meant tons of brain capacity to let my dirty little mind wandered all over the place. Like 98 % of the female employees at the agency, I couldn’t help but notice our unbelievably good-looking creative director Samuel fucking Jones. That disheveled brown mop of a hair, sparkling green eyes and that 6′ tall lean but muscular body… Sex. On. A. Stick.

So, for the first three months of my first job, I was a goddamn wreck. I found myself daydreaming about fucking Mr Jones senseless in various venues; against the door of his office, on my desk in my cubicle, in the copying room, in the toilet, on the kitchen counter in the coffee room, in the elevator… you name it. Fantasizing of your boss in the office was of course the worst idea ever. I was constantly in the state of turned-on. I was insatiable no matter how many times I pleasured myself before and after work, sometimes even during work. I began wearing short skirts everyday just to make the release before lunch in the ladies’ room that much easier. Jeez, I sound like a cheesy porn film. But the amount of sexual frustration was so ridiculous that it wasn’t even funny anymore.

I was seriously considering calling my ex Jason. That said a lot how badly I needed sex. Stop being absurd, King. Just go to a bar, find a random dude and get it over with. Ex-boyfriend or random hook-up, those were exactly the things I was having a heated debate about with myself when something happened one month ago.

I was making copies of the material for the next meeting in the copy room. It was already lunch time and I cursed Mr Nice-Ass’s personal assistant, that bitch Gillian for letting me know that they needed copies two hours before the meeting. I didn’t mind missing lunch because I wasn’t that hungry, but missing my lunch-release and then having to sit in the small conference room with Mr Sex-On-Legs for 90 minutes… so yes, I hated Gillian with a fiery passion.

It was hot in the tiny copy room. I was leaning in front the copying machine, my back to the door. The noise from the machine was loud enough that I didn’t notice when someone walked in and closed the door.

Suddenly, someone cleared the throat. I jumped a little in surprise and twirled around so quickly that my head span a bit. I found myself staring at a pair of piercing blue eyes. He was standing much closer than I expected, I instinctively tried to step backward but my back was pressing the copying machine already. Our second creative director Michael Hunter was standing not one feet in front of me in all his 6’1 glory. To be entirely honest, I’ve known of his existence but hadn’t really looked at him in my three months at the agency. But now when I finally did look, I wondered why I haven’t noticed him before. Oh yeah, because Mr Sex-Hair was always standing next to him.

Mr Hunter was very handsome with his short sandy blond hair and two days worth of scruff. He was wearing a white snug button up which showed off his broad chest. His sleeves were rolled up revealing his strong forearms. He had this bad boy look going on, which was actually freaking sexy. I had to gulp when I took him in for the first time.

“M..Mr…Mr Hunter” I stammered. His blue eyes were travelling up and down my body and a small smile was playing on his full lips. Is he checking me out? I started to feel a bit self-conscious under his searing gaze.

“Can I help you, Mr Hunter?” I tried again; anything to make him stopped staring at me like that.

He finally looked up straight into my eyes. My breath hitched a bit, his presence was quite intimidating. His smile grew wider at my reaction and in a calm low voice he said: “Oh no, I came to help you.”

I was just about to ask him to help me with what, when he took a step forward, closing the distance between us and put his arms on either side of me, trapping me between the copying machine and his rock hard body. His face was inches from mine when he looked down at me. I could felt his hot breath fanning over my face when he spoke again.

“Miss King, I know what you want. I apologize for my friend Sam for working you up so badly.”

Oh my God! Am I that goddamn obvious?

Shock must be written all over my face because Mr Hunter chuckled at my expression and continued.

“Don’t worry, he doesn’t know. He’s always so blind and in his own little world that he even misses it when a beautiful woman like you stare at him with such desire and lust in your eyes. I don’t blame you, we all long for things out of our reach.”

I was shocked frozen into my place. Mr Hunter leaned in past my face to my right ear. His lips came into contact with my earlobe and my whole body shuddered visibly and every inch of my skin was covered in goosebumps. He laughed softly at my reaction, his breath tickled me when he whispered into my ear.

“You may know what you want, but I know exactly what you need.”

With that said, he ground his hips into my heated center. I gasped when I felt his huge erection. He pulled back a little but immediately pressed his hard cock back against my clit. When he did a small circling motion with his hips massaging my mounds, I couldn’t stop myself from moaning.

What is he doing to me? Isn’t this sexual harassment?

Not if you want it too.

Mr Hunter pulled one of his hands from the top of the copying machine and put it on my naked thigh. His hand was so warm and big. I felt his fingers gliding upwards under my skirt. It felt so good, but my radical self screamed in my head to make him stop. I knew I should stop him. So I tried.

“Mr Hunter, please st-”

But he cut me off with a stern voice right next to my ear. “Eleanor, be careful what you wish for. Do you really want me to stop?”

I didn’t want him to stop. My body didn’t want him to stop. My breathing became ragged.

This is fucked up! He’s your boss! You can lose your job! His thumb was doing little circles on my inner thigh. I felt my legs shaking a bit, I was so turned on. You’re in the office, in the fucking copy room. Anyone can walk in! He moved his hand upward and cupped my dripping wet pussy. He pressed his palm into my clit while his middle finger played with my entrance through the thin fabric of my silk panties. I knew he could feel my wetness. He started placing hot open-mouthed kisses right under my ear and my neck. I instinctively knocked my head to the other side to give him more access.

He put his leg between mine to further spread them apart. I felt two fingers snaking their way behind my panties and they started to touch the flesh around my sensitive entrance.

By that time, all rational thoughts went out of the window and all I could think of was his fingers so close to where I mostly wanted them. Fuck me with your fingers already! I whimpered desperately when he continued to tease me by moving his fingers up and down my wet folds but not entering me. The anticipation was killing me. I needed to grab onto something badly. I threw my arms around his neck and one of my hands went into his short hair. I gripped a handful and pulled hard.

He hissed in pain and pulled his head back from my neck to look at me. His narrowed his eyes dangerously and sneered at me in a low and sexy voice. “Impatient little slut.”

Before I could find it in me to take offence at his words, he jammed his two fingers roughly into me. I moaned loudly as he started bumping his fingers in and out of me fast and hard.

“Oh, you like it rough, don’t you? I should have guessed, being such a tease that you are, walking around in these tiny skirts. You look so delicious, especially right after lunch with a flushed face. Doesn’t need a fucking genius to know what you’ve been up to during lunch.”

I was mortified that he knew about my lunch-releases, but at the same time I was flattered that a hot guy like him paid such close attention. And he was right again, I did like it rough. One of the reason I broke up with Jason was because he was always so damn careful and gentle, thus the sex was really boring. I could already tell that sex with Mr Hunter would be anything but boring.

You are already thinking about fucking him?

I couldn’t believe what a slut I was being. Oh God, my boss is fingerfucking me. And I like it. What the hell’s wrong with me?

Like he could sense my doubts and inner conflicts, Mr Hunter smirked. “Relax, Eleanor. I can tell that you can’t take much of sexual tension anymore without breaking.”

Just to prove his point, I felt him add the third finger inside me. His thumb pressed hard on my clit while he hooked his fingers inside of me. I screamed out loud at that, my head thrown back with my eyes clenched shut tightly. He went back kissing, sucking and licking my neck. I felt the walls inside me throbbing and clenching around his fingers.

Mr Hunter stopped sucking on my neck for a sec and ordered simply. “Come whenever.” He then bit down hard on the sensitive spot where my shoulder and neck met. When the pain subsided after the initial shock, I could feel pleasure coursing through my whole body ten times stronger. I came violently on his fingers, the orgasm was the strongest I’ve ever felt in my entire life. I collapsed onto his shoulders panting like I’ve just ran a fucking marathon. I was quite sure if he wasn’t holding me with his other arm, I wouldn’t be standing anymore.

I could feel my legs again when he slowly pulled his fingers out of me. His fingers were glistering with my wetness. Without looking away from my eyes, he put his fingers into his mouth and started licking them clean. Holy fuck that’s so hot.

“Hhmmm, you are delicious. I can’t wait to taste you, Eleanor.”

Mr Hunter then started adjusting my panties and my skirt like they were before. He released my hair down from my ponytail to cover up the bite mark his teeth had left. I was still breathing heavily and my thoughts were all over the place. When I looked decent again, he smiled at me sweetly.

“Miss King, the meeting starts in 15 minutes. I’ll see you there.” He leaned down to kiss my cheek and then left the room.

Okay…what the fuck just happened?


So this little piece I wrote back in 2009. Back then I was still just on the brink of discovering my submissive side, but guess even my fantasies have a BDSM vibe to it. Who wants to read more about Mr Hunter, raise your hands 😛


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