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Confessions of a Spanko, Part 3 – The Riding Crop

Ah the riding crop. I feel like I have a love-hate relationship with the crop. My first time experiencing the crop was also the first session with my Dom now. He asked me to choose between the crop and the flogger. I have experienced the caress of the flogger before so naturally I chose the crop. I am always eager to try new things. Which now in retrospect, it wasn’t that wise a choice at all with a Dom I wasn’t familiar with. Of course, now I know that my Dom can make it hurt just as hard with both the flogger and crop, my choosing either back then was quite a moot point.

cropsSo my first encounter with the crop. It hurt. A lot. I do love how every single equipment creates a different kind of pain. The crop can be as ruthless as the cane, but I much prefer the crop. The initial contact must be the sharpest of all the equipment, the sting concentrating on the tip of the crop, but the force can be felt all the way of the rod part also. After the initial shocking sting, the crop leaves behind a bruising pain. I can practically feel the welt rising on my skin and the residual sensation burns like fire. While I could barely stand the sting and the bruising pain, I do adore that fire crop leave behind. The intense heat feels so good that I don’t even mind that it does nothing to lessen the pain from the next blow.

With the crop it was also my first time getting spanked on somewhere else than my bottom. My first encounter with the crop I also got a taste of it on my inner thigh and breasts. And if you think the crop hurts a lot on the ass, it feels nothing like on the thigh or breasts. Still, that didn’t stop me from getting my own little collection of pretty crops (picture on the left). I would update this post once I have a chance to test-ride them all. ๐Ÿ˜›


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