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Is That a Thing? – Take My Breath Away

In the beginning when I had to decide my hard limits, had to draw the line somewhere without much experience, it wasn’t hard to stay clear of edgeplay (click the link for the definition). It’s not like I can not imagine myself liking edgeplay, it was just I didn’t want any permanent marks on myself unless it’s completely my decision. And also, I was afraid that that kind of extreme fetishes would get me addicted. Like drugs, I’m afraid there’s no turning back once I move on to the hard stuff. Breath play is one of the edgeplay but I never quite consider it as one. There is a great page to explain breath play, the do’s and don’ts. If you’re new to this, before you run off to try it with your partner or subbie, please read the link above. There are lots of ways to do breath play, like strangling with a belt, covering mouth and nose with hand or something else, waterboarding for example. My absolute favorite is choking by hand. His hand.

I have always loved being choked. Even in my vanilla years. The restriction of oxygen enhanced the sensation all over the body, especially during sex. In BDSM, other than as a sensation enhancer, it pushes me further into my submission, it strengthens my sense of giving up control. There are levels of choking too. Depends on how skillfully it is done, and how hard and for how long. My ex liked to choke me sometimes, never quite hard enough to completely cut off the oxygen, and this can be done for quite long. Then there was one experience with slightly harder choking for short periods of time. While I highly enjoyed both of these kinds of choking, I have become completely addicted to the way one of my Dom does it. Hard. So very hard. Like cutting-off-the-oxygen-completely hard. He does it so hard that I would lose feeling all over my body but at the same time I become extremely sensitive to everything else done to me at the same time. It can be fingers inside me, or during sex. Or it can just be the choking. I fucking love that feeling! Last Friday during my rough session, there was one especially long choking sequence when I was basically in ecstasy. As on Friday I was gagged most of the time, I was given a very large black anal plug (*giggle*) to hold in my hand and it was my safeword, dropping the plug would be my ‘red’. During that long choking sequence, there was a point when I couldn’t feel the plug in my hand anymore, I was so afraid that I would drop it because I sure as fuck didn’t want the choking to end. Oh the sweet scent of oxygen after that! It felt like my whole body had left the building, and upon taking the first breath after the choking, it felt like I was dropped right back on the bed from somewhere really high. I would get goosebumps all over when my blood started filling my veins again. It’s completely intoxicating and I crave that feeling even more than spanking. So when next time I get to choose my reward for being a really good girl, I would say “Please take my breath away, Sir.” 😉


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