Emo Attic

Just a Fool

“Smart ones always have something to say but know exactly when to shut up.
They never get too involved, too close, too anything…
They are level-headed, calm and very careful.
They won’t let you feel too much hope, they won’t let you expect too much of them.
They won’t let you close enough to hurt them, to get to know them, to love them.
They are modest, they would say they’re ordinary, nothing special, they like to lay low.
They like to be in control, they won’t take orders.
The smartest of them all knows when to act stupid, to act clueless.

Fools always tell the most embarrassing truths in the most inappropriate of time.
Fools, they always jump head first, eyes closed.
They go with the flow, they are restless and careless.
They love to wish, to hope, to build castles on the clouds.
They’re always ready to share, to give, to love.
They’re not afraid to get hurt, that’s why they never hesitate.
They wear their emotions on their faces, theirs hearts in their sleeves.
They don’t know how to lie, how to act, how to play games.
They don’t know when or how to give up, to let go, to move on.

Me? I’m just a fool.”

A little scribbling I wrote probably six or seven years ago. I don’t remember anymore what I was thinking when I wrote it all those years ago. I’m not sure I have become any smarter though, because I see that I am still just a fool.


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