Jukebox Friday

Kuussa tuulee – Haloo Helsinki

So I live in this little cute country called Finland. Cold dark winters, short summers, really nothing to do here. But still I love this place and I really don’t want to live anywhere but here. Finnish language is one of the most difficult language in the world, and after 25 years living here, I still can’t speak it well enough to pass as a native. I suck at written Finnish too. I almost never read in Finnish, I rarely watch Finnish movies and I hardly listen to any Finnish bands. Except one. A band called Haloo Helsinki. I simply adore it because the lead singer Elli has the coolest voice. And their lyrics are really really good. The following is one of their songs that I probably love the most. I’m not a good translator, but I did my best below the video. I promise, it sounds prettier in Finnish. Enjoy a fresh breeze from the north! 🙂

If I go try to find love,
I’m sure it wouldn’t come to me
But if I just go and live my life,
I just might fall in love someday
And I believe that things will happen
And I will notice when something remarkable cross my path

Take my hand in your hand
Sing from my soul to your soul
Dip your feet in cold water
Jump head on into the swan song
Because you and me
So alive
We could hear
if it gets windy on the moon

I shouldn’t try too hard
to get someone to like me
I know what I am and what I do
if you really see me you could never pass me by
And everything can be broken someday
But at least for a while I was more whole than most


I threw all the needless fear away,
so my heart can finally feel something
Now I stand on the edge,
I am ready

Chorus x2


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