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Confessions of a Spanko, Part 1 – The Brush

A Spanko – A person with a fetish for spanking, usually but not exclusively sexual. (Wikipedia)

When it comes to my fetishes, I consider myself having the simplest of taste. Different kinds of spanking create a large part of my fetish list, and I’m fully planning to explore it all, every possible instrument, including those not designed for spanking. Eventually I would have enough experiences to write a more thorough guide/review/lovesong about different devices, but before that, let’s serenade them one by one.

It is not easy to surprise me, in anything at all. So when I went and purchase Body Shop’s Paddle Hairbrush on Sir’s recommendation, I wrongly looked down on it. It’s just a brush! It looks so freaking innocent. I admitted that I have strikingly underestimated the brush. What a beautiful surprise.

I usually am pretty quiet during sessions. I make soft sounds and gasps and all the “Yes, Sir” and “Thank you, Sir” come out of me in whispers. But my first time with the brush, the very first blow of the wooden torture device of the Devil against my bare bottom made me cried out so loud that it no doubt inspired Sir to continue the ‘assault’ quite mercilessly. I never forget my safeword, that’s never an issue. It’s just that it has never even crossed my mind during my previous sessions. The first encounter with the brush was also the very first time that the word ‘red’ announced its existence in my head. I summoned it and held it on the tip of my tongue and waited for the pain to push me pass my limit. It hurt so fucking much. The pain is sharp, not unlike pain dealt from a switch. It isn’t as edgy, but the brush compensates that by having a broader contact region. The sharp sting is not only on a slim slice of flesh, rather it spreads its love on a much larger area than a welt. The fire that consumes my bottom after a blow from the brush last much longer than for example the belt. I didn’t have nearly enough time to recover before the next blow. It was so fucking glorious to just stand on the edge of my pain threshold and yet not quite tipping over. I have never been that close though. By now my bottom is used to spanking, so bruises are not easily achieved. The brush didn’t leave any visible bruises, but I could feel its kiss for a good five days after the session. And this is how I became a hardcore fan of the Body Shop Paddle Hairbrush. No wonder this thing has its own fan club out there, I am so joining.

So this doesn’t get boring and consisting only my side of the story, I got a quote about the brush from Sir also:

“It’s solid, unyielding, hard, makes a very pleasant sound and leaves a lovely red impression over a wide area. It’s small enough so it’s easy to control and to judge how hard you’re spanking.”

Sir much prefers using his hand or household objects like the brush for spanking, and I can sure see the merit of it. Crops, floggers and canes I have to hide away from the curious eyes in my treasure chest. The brush I can just leave lying around on the table in my livingroom and it taunts me every time I walk by the table. And I have a small apartment, so I walk by the table all the time. All the time I found myself eyeing the thing with equal amount of worship-like adoration and a healthy dose of unaltered fear. In other words, I fucking love the brush.


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