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Is That a Thing? – Numbers Game

Alright, I know I still owe you pervs a story about my very first session, but it is a little bit harder to write than I expected. I wanted it to be a piece that really shows how much it meant to me. In the meanwhile, I think it is a great idea to start a continuing entry series along the lines of ‘fetish of the week’. It might be a fetish which has a fancy hard-to-pronounce name, or just something less… vague, and much more intimate and specific. It might be something I am already in love with, or it might be something I really want to try. Or just a fantasy or an idea.

If there’s anything that I’ve learnt from the BDSM community, it is that absolutely everything is a thing. There’s really no limit to the kinky minds behind most innovative fetishes. And anything you and I can think of, it’s already a thing and somebody else is doing it. And isn’t that just great!? Without further ado, let’s kick of the new entry series “Is That a Thing?” with a little dive into a world of numbers.

We who are into the D/s relationship, we love our rules. Some care less about them, some crave them like air to the lungs. I happen to be one of those submissives who love rules. The more the hornier merrier. Let’s talk about those more later. Let’s just focus on the obsession over numbers, or more precisely counting out loud. While being spanked.

I have a strong love-hate relationship towards the whole counting thing. Okay, so here’s what happen to me when I’m receiving my spanking, either well deserved or well earned. I get extremely easily lost in the burn on my… well whatever I’m being spanked on. However, the counting out loud keeps me from getting lost in the delicious pain. I need to somewhat focus so I don’t lost count. How hard is it to count one two three, you ask. Oh you would be surprised. Usually after ‘three’, the rest is pure guessing and luck. The pain is much more potent when I don’t get to just let loose my brains and take it all in. And that is the exact reason why the little masochist in me absolutely adore counting.

Reading BDSM erotica novels are really good for your libido, plus literature is also an abundant source of ideas and innovation. I’ve been reading ‘The Original Sinners’ series by Tiffany Reisz for a long time now, it just goes on forever and I love it! It’s from those books I’ve first read about this little game “Pick a number”. In the books the Dominant/Domme would ask the sub to pick a number between one to five. The range of numbers may vary, but you get the idea. The sub would not know what they’re picking. So it could be five orgasms or five minutes with the cane. Five licks of the riding crop, five bite marks, five days until I can play with myself etc. It can really be anything. Knowing me, being a greedy little sub that I am, much like Eleanor in the books, I would probably always pick the biggest number. And greed will definitely bite me in the ass someday, literally I hope. 😉


One thought on “Is That a Thing? – Numbers Game

  1. The numbers game is a big thing with Sir and I. I count my edges, I count (very poorly) my orgasms and he counts back from 10 when he allows me to cum. We both enjoy the pain pleasure aspect, but he never makes me count hits or during a spanking unless it’s punishment. One crack of the belt for every minute late, but for reward, I take it until I can’t, no numbers ever uttered. Never realized that until now.

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