Jukebox Friday

I Want You – Savage Garden

If you are reading this, you know you are the inspiration for this particular sharing. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I think everyone has at least that one song that makes them hot and bothered. I have many songs like that in my iPod, but the first place certainly belongs to this little piece. I remember masturbating to this song when I was young. And then a Dominant tells you he can actually sing this song, all these deliciously naughty dirty thoughts just crashed together in my kinky mind, and I’ve never been this close to spontaneously having an orgasm on the spot. If I actually would get to hear him singing it someday, I might just do that, spontaneously ‘combust’. This also sets the tone perfectly for my next entry which is going to be about my first encounter with a Dominant. Stay tuned, beautiful pervs. ๐Ÿ˜‰ But now, let’s spontaneously combust together!

Anytime I need to see your face
I just close my eyes
And I am taken to a place where
your crystal mind and
Magenta feelings take up shelter
in the base of my spine
Sweet like a chic-a-cherry cola

I don’t need to try and explain;
I just hold on tight
And if it happens again, I might move so slightly
To the arms and the lips and the face
of the human cannonball
That I need to, I want to

Come stand a little bit closer
Breath in and get a bit higher
You’ll never know what hit you
When I get to you

Ooh, I want you
I don’t know if I need you
But, ooh, I’d die to find out
Ooh, I want you
I don’t know if I need you
But, ooh, I’d die to find out

I’m the kind of person who endorses
a deep commitment
Getting comfy getting perfect
is what I live for
But a look, then a smell of perfume
It’s like I’m down on the floor
And I don’t know what I’m in for

Conversation has a time and place
In the interaction of a lover and a mate
But the time of talking
using symbols, using words
Can be likened to a deep sea diver
who is swimming with a raincoat

So can we find out?


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